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Sampling of comics done since 2005. Click on thumbnails for full story or selected pages.


Solo Dance #1 (full story), 2013, graphite, colored pencil, ballpoint pen on paper.


Freddy's Dead (selected pages). 2012, graphite on paper.



The Disgusting Room (selected pages). 2010, graphite, ink, acrylic paint, colored pencil. 


Here I Am (full story). 2010, graphite on paper.

Christina and Charles (selected pages), 2005, colored pencil and china marker on paper.

My Friend Perry (selected pages), 2011, graphite, ink, gouache on paper.

Life Of Francis Book 3 (selected pages), 2009, ink, graphite, colored pencil and acrylic on paper

Tea for Two (selected pages) 2012, graphite on paper.